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  Date Name Sex Age Time Country Area Location Activity Injury Species Sp_Length
1 09-Sep-2014 Paul Wilcox M 50 10h45 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay Swimming FATAL   84
2 06-Sep-2014 Jamie Robson M 43 13h00 USA Alabama Katrina Cut, Dauphin Island, Mobile County Fishing Leg bitten    
3 03-Sep-2014 Ida Parker & Kristen Orr F 20 18h00 USA Massachusetts Manomet Point, Plymouth, Plymouth County Kayaking No injury, shark bit kayak White 156
4 31-Aug-2014 Alexandra Masterson F 13 16h40 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Body surfing Injury to left leg Spinner  
5 28-Aug-2014 Mathew Vickers M 33   USA Maryland-Virginia Assateague National Seashore Fishing Lacerations to foot    
6 27-Aug-2014 Hunter Anderson M 29   USA North Carolina Figure Eight Island, New Hanover County Surfing Laceration to left hand   62
7 27-Aug-2014 female F   15h00 USA South Carolina Surfside Beach, Horry County Standing Heel bitten    
8 25-Aug-2014 John Wiley M     USA Florida Apalachicola Bay Fishing for sharks Lacerations to forearm   54
9 24-Aug-2014 Miller Diggs M     USA North Carolina Off Masonboro Island, New Hanover County Kite boarding     48
10 16-Aug-2014 Adam Haling M 31   AUSTRALIA Western Australia Gnaraloo Spearfishing Lacerations to neck & face    
11 12-Aug-2014 Kyle Hayes M   11h10 USA Florida 3 to 4 miles west of Indian Pass, Gulf County Standing Puncture wounds and lacerations to left thigh and knee Bull 96
12 09-Aug-2014 Krama Fordham F 10 13h30 USA Florida Lori Wilson Park, Cocoa Beach, Brevard County Swimming Puncture wounds to right foot & ankle    
13 08-Aug-2014 Trent Trentacosta M 7 Afternoon USA Louisiana Lake Pontchartrain off Southshore Harbor, New Orleans Swimming Minor lacerations to left heel and big toe Bull 62
14 06-Aug-2014 Riley Harris M 10 14h00 USA South Carolina Folly Beach, Charleston County Boogie boarding Lacerations to right leg & foot   54
15 02-Aug-2014 Christian Sanhueza M 8 13h00 USA Florida Table Beach, Brevard County Boogie boarding Laceration to ankle    
16 01-Aug-2014 Matthew Smithers M 20 14h00 SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province Muizenberg Surfing Lacerations to lower limbs & thigh White  
17 27-Jul-2014 male M     USA North Carolina Sunset Beach, Brunswick County Swimming Left foot bitten    
18 22-Jul-2014 Vincent Rintz M 51 15h00 REUNION Saint-Leu Saint-Leu Surfing Lacerations to right wrist & calf   75
19 21-Jul-2014 Aayden Crick M 8 Early afternoon USA Florida Indialantic, Brevard County Standing Lacerations to right knee    
20 16-Jul-2014 male M 61 17h50 USA Hawaii Paia Bay, Maui Swimming Lacerations to left foot   84
21 14-Jul-2014 Terrell Moore M 39 14h30 USA Florida Okaloosa Island Swimming Puncture wounds to foot   48
22 13-Jul-2014 John Petty M 63 Night BAHAMAS 20 nm NW of West End Tiger Beach Shark diving Missing after a dive, shark involvement considered probable, but not confirmed    
23 12-Jul-2014 Carson Jewell M     USA North Carolina Masonboro Island, New Hanover County Body surfing Lacerations to hand and wrist    
24 09-Jul-2014 Tristan Durham M 14 14h00 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Lacerations to foot    
25 05-Jul-2014 Steve Robles M   09h30 USA California Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles County Swimming Torso bitten White 84