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  Date Country Area Location Name Sex Age Time Activity Injury
1 25-Dec-2013 NEW CALEDONIA NEW CALEDONIA Hienghène, Loic M 27 11h00 Snorkeling Right leg bitten
2 16-Dec-2013 SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province Die Platt Thomas Browne M 19 08h45 Surfing Injuries to left thigh
3 13-Dec-2013 KIRIBATI KIRIBATI 740 miles SE of Tarawa Atoll male M 35   remove fishing net from submerged object Severe injury to arm
4 11-Dec-2013 USA Hawaii Ninole Bay, Hawaii male M 29 08h00 Boogie boarding Lacerations to right hand & knee
5 10-Dec-2013 USA Florida Cocoa Beach, Brevard County Bobby Baughman M 30 14h30 Surfing Right foot bitten
6 05-Dec-2013 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Shelly Beach, near Port Macquarie male M 26 18h15 Surfing Puncture wounds to hand, laceration to leg
7 02-Dec-2013 USA Hawaii Between Makena & Molokini, Maui Patrick A. Briney M 57 09h00 Kayak Fishing FATAL
8 30-Nov-2013 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Riecks Point, Campbell’s Beach, Zac Young M 19 14h00 Body boarding FATAL
9 29-Nov2013 USA Hawaii Keawekapu Beach, Kihei, Maui female F 58 13h00 Snorkeling Right calf bitten
10 23-Nov-2013 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Fish Hook Bay, Rottnest Island Unknown     11h30 Body boarding No injury
11 23-Nov-2013 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Gracetown Chris Boyd M 35 09h00 Surfing FATAL
12 22-Nov-2013 USA Oregon Gleneden Beach, Lincoln County Andrew Gardiner M 25 Afternoon Surfing No injury, board bitten
13 12-Nov-2013 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Trigg Beach, Perth Shaun Daly M   15h00 Surfing No Injury - board bumped by shark
14 10-Nov-2013 BAHAMAS BAHAMAS Off Cape Eleuthera male m 77 11h00 Fishing Injuries to arm & leg by hooked shark
15 07-Nov-2013 USA New Jersey Bay Head, Ocean County Quinn Gates M 16 Afternoon Body boarding No injury, swim fin bitten
16 07-Nov-2013 USA Florida Floridana Beach, Brevard County Sandor Melian M     Surfing Foot Bitten
17 31-Oct-2013 USA Hawaii Kanaha Beach, Maui Christian Brandon M 40 15h19 Kiteboarding Lacerations to right calf & minor injuries to heel
18 28-Oct-2013 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Turquois Bay Glenda Simmons F 60 Afternoon Snorkeling Lacerations to right arm
19 26-Oct-2013 REUNION d’Étang-Salé Ravine Mula G. Tanguy M 24 16h30 Body boarding Right leg severed
20 26-Oct-2013 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Little Island, near Hillarys Todd Robinson M   10h55 Diving for crayfish No injury, swim fin shredded
21 24-Oct-2013 AUSTRALIA New South Wales South Narrabeen Beach Anthony Joyce M     Surfing Injuries to right foot
22 23-Oct-2013 USA Hawaii Waiehu, Maui Shane Mills M 45 15h55 Diving 3" laceration to left hip
23 20-Oct-2013 USA Hawaii Pila'a Beach, Kaua'I Jeff Horton M 25 11h00 Surfing No injury, shark bit surfboard
24 19-Oct-2013 USA Florida Miami Beach, Dade County Logan Hamby M 6 Late afternoon Wading Bitten on left calf & foot
25 11-Oct-2013 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province Albatros Point, near Jeffrey's Bay Burgert van der Westhuizen M 74 11h15 Swimming / snorkeling Fatal