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  Date Country Area Location Name Sex Age Time Activity Injury
1 15-Apr-2014 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County male M 25 09h57 Surfing Minor cut on foot
2 12-Apr-2014 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province Port Alfred Lionel McDougall M   Morning Fishing Lacerations to leg & hand by hooked shark
3 04-Apr-2014 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County male 2 M   13h50 Surfing Minor puncture wounds to lower left leg
4 04-Apr-2014 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County male 1 M   13h30 Surfing Lacerations to foot
5 03-Apr-2014 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Tathra Christine Armstrong F 63 08h20 Swimming FATAL - Totally Consumed
6 29-Mar-2014 AUSTRALIA Western Australia Off Dawesville Cut Michael McGregor M 38 13h30 Diving for lobsters Fatal
7 22-Mar-2014 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province Second Beach, Port St Johns Friedrich Burgstaller M 66 15h00 Swimming Fatal
8 22-Mar-2014 USA Florida Delray Beach Kurt Hoffman M     Kite Surfing Lacerations to left forearm
9 21-Mar-2014 USA Florida Macarthur State Park Sebastian Cozzen M 9   Surfing Lacerations to toes and heel of right foot
10 18-Mar-2014 AUSTRALIA Victoria Winkipop Beach Mark Byrne M 42 Morning Surfing Shark leapt onto surfboard; surfer uninjured
11 18-Mar-2014 New Caledonia Sainte Marie Bay near the capital Noumea Sainte Marie Bay near the capital Noumea Male M 42   kitesurfing bitten
12 18-Mar-2014 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Lennox Head Myxie Ryan F 10 17h00 N/A Injuries to wrist/hand
13 13-Mar-2014 Western Carribean Sea Western Carribean Sea Western Carribean Sea Jason Dimitri M     Spearfishing No Injury
14 12-Mar-2014 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Lighthouse Beach Mike Porter M   18h00 Swimming Minor lacerations to foot
15 02-Mar-2014 USA Florida Santa Lucea Beach, South Hutchinson Island, St. Lucie County Dylan Fugitt M 21   Surfing Lacerations to toes
16 20-Feb-2014 FRENCH POLYNESIA Society Islands Huahine male M 21 16h00 Kitesurfing Lacerations to lower leg
17 08-Feb-2014 AUSTRALIA South Australia Goldsmith Beach, Yorke Peninsula Sam Kellett M 28 12h00 Spearfishing / Free diving FATAL
18 2014.02.07.b TRINIDAD TRINIDAD TRINIDAD Simon Torres M     Fishing N/A
19 07-Feb-2014 NEW ZEALAND South Island Porpoise Bay male M 28 20h30 Surfing Lacerations to leg
20 26-Jan-2014 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Umina Beach Richard O'Connor M     Fishing Lacerations to ring and pinky fingers of his left hand by hooked shark
21 25-Jan-2014 NEW ZEALAND South Island Garden Bay near Cosy Nook James Grant M 24   Spearfishing Minor injury to left lower leg & heel
22 04-Jan-2014 JAPAN Okinawa Prefecture Off Miyako Island Rianto M 31   Sea disaster 5 cm bite to left foot
23 25-Dec-2013 NEW CALEDONIA NEW CALEDONIA Hienghène, Loic M 27 11h00 Snorkeling Right leg bitten
24 16-Dec-2013 SOUTH AFRICA Western Cape Province Die Platt Thomas Browne M 19 08h45 Surfing Injuries to left thigh
25 13-Dec-2013 KIRIBATI KIRIBATI 740 miles SE of Tarawa Atoll male M 35   remove fishing net from submerged object Severe injury to arm