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  Date Country Area Location Activity Name Sex Age Injury Time Topic
1 29-Dec-2009 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Province Port Alfred Wading Simon Bruce M 20 Lacerations to left foot 08h30
2 26-Dec-2009 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Avoca Beach Swimming John Sojoski M 55 deep cuts to his calf- lower left leg 11h00
3 22-Dec-2009 MOZAMBIQUE Maputo Province Ponta do Ouro Swimming Peter Fraser M 27 Multiple lacerations to right torso & arm. Defense wounds on hands 16h30
4 20-Dec-2009 AUSTRALIA Queensland Lamont Reef Free Diving - Spearfishing John Pengelly M 18 deep lacerations to his wrist and lower forearm 07h30
5 20-Dec-2009 Australia Queensland Mudjimba Island Boating - Kayaking Kayak - Boat     No Injury - bumped boat and circled it 11h00
6 18-Dec-2009 SOUTH AFRICA Eastern Cape Province Second Beach - Port St. Johns Paddle Boarding Tshintshekile Nduva M 22 Fatal - Shark attacked him twice, taking his entire body - only his board was recovered 12h00
7 18-Dec-2009 South Africa KZN Durban - North Beach Surfing Lance Morris M   possible barracuda bite - 10 stitches 14h30
8 15-Dec-2009 New Zealand Clark Island Clark Island Swimming Maurice Bede Philips M 24 Fatal -
9 13-Dec-2009 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Coffee Head Surfing Nigel Hughes M 39 Big Toe had to be amputated 07h00
10 12-Dec-2009 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Hawks Nest Beach Boating - Rowing Life Saver Boat     No Injury - Shark grabbed Boats oar. 07h30
11 25-Nov-2009 USA California Huntington Beach, Orange County Surfing Kenneth Hall M 49 Puncture wounds to right foot 15h30
12 24-Nov-2009 USA Florida Ocean Landings condominiums in the 900 block of state Road A1A Cocoa Beach, Brevard County Swimming Garrett Gollighugh M 10 14 punctures wounds on ankle and toes 11h30
13 16-Nov-2009 USA California Loch Lomond, Marin County Fishing James White M 31 Puncture wounds to his left hand 16h45
14 16-Nov-2009 USA Florida Jupiter, Palm Beach County Surfing Steve Burdelski M 22 Bitten on Right foot 09h30
15 13-Nov-2009 USA Florida Jupiter Reef Club just south of Carlin Park- Jupiter, Palm Beach County Surfing Melissa Hardcastle F 27 26 puncture wounds here on her left foot. 16h30
16 11-Nov-2009 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Male M 18 minor injuries, including a bump on the shin where the shark hit him and lacerations to the back of the calf and the front of the shin.
17 08-Nov-2009 AUSTRALIA South Australia Wirrina Cove - Fleurieu Peninsula Spearfishing Dean Brougham M 25 Ankle bitten 10h30
18 05-Nov-2009 USA California Lagunas, Davenport just north of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County Surfing Eric Geiselman M 21 No Injury - Surfboard broke in half Dusk
19 30-Oct-2009 Australia Victoria Portland - Nunns Beach Kayaking Rhys Gadsden M 27 No Injury - Knocked him out of Kayak and damaged Kayak
20 28-Oct-2009 AUSTRALIA New South Wales Lennox Heads Paddle-boarding Zahli Lowe F 17 No injury, shark bit rear of paddleboard 07h00
21 28-Oct-2009 MOZAMBIQUE Inhambane Gauteng Province Sandton - Off Vilanculos Spearfishing Mark Ragotzki M   Injury to Left foot
22 24-Oct-2009 USA California San Onofre, San Diego County Surfing Scott Barton M   3 puncture wounds to big toe of left foot, and laceration on arch of foot 17h30
23 19-Oct-2009 USA Hawaii Kalama Park, Maui Surfing Scott Henrich M 54 Bitten on upper right thigh & right ankle 06h00
24 17-Oct-2009 SCOTLAND Fife Deep Sea World Aquarium Diving Male M 23 15-20 puncture wounds to arm by captive shark 14h45
25 14-Oct-2009 Australia Western Australia Western Australia Diving Matt Bowen M 23 Severe lacerations to lower right leg
26 26-Sep-2009 USA Florida Florida Keys, Monroe County - 5th Street home in Key Colony Beach Swimming Dan Callahan M   shark bit Callahan's right foot, causing a gash that required more than 130 stitches 17h30
27 15-Sep-2009 Somalia 300 miles offshore Fishing boat well offshore Fishing Fisherman M   Severe injuries to arm
28 13-Sep-2009 Brazil Pernambuco Piedade, Recife Swimming Maurício da Silva Monteiro M 34 Fatal - injuries to both arms, face, buttocks, back, abdomen and one leg partially torn off by shark/s - cause of death is currently unknown
29 12-Sep-2009 USA North Carolina Corolla, Currituck County Swimming Richard A Snead M 60 Fatal - Remains washed ashore and Medical Examiner confirmed he was alive when attacked. 21h00
30 07-Sep-2009 Brazil Praia da Piedade, Jaboatão dos Guararapes Praia da Piedade, Jaboatão dos Guararapes Swimming Geovane Tiago Barbosa M 15 Fatal - The teenager's body was found at dawn with shark bites on his legs, back and buttocks.
31 04-Sep-2009 Nevis Nevis, West Indies CHARLESTOWN Swimming Briam Mills M   Fatal - Remains found in Shark Brians head and parts of his torso - Shark had injuries to its head
32 01-Sep-2009 Solomon Islands Makira-Ulawa Province Kirakira Fishing - Jumped in water to check nets Male M   lot of injuries on his face and neck
33 30-Aug-2009 USA California Huntington Beach, Orange County Surfing Cory Hedgepeth M   No injury - Shark Hit board 18h30
34 29-Aug-2009 South Africa Western Cape Province Glentana Surfing Gerhard van Zyl M 25 Fatal - Severed Leg 15h30
35 25-Aug-2009 USA California Terramar Beach, Carlsbad Swimming Bethany Edmund F 22 Puncture wounds to left foot & calf 16h30
36 11-Aug-2009 South Africa KZN Alkantstrand beach in Richards Bay Surfing Jeandre Nagel M   No Injury - Board Bitten
37 10-Aug-2009 USA Florida Ponce, Volusia County - 4600 block of Atlantic Avenue Swimming Tourist from Spain M 26 suffered 1/4-inch punctures on the top and bottom of his left foot. The puncture wounds were surrounded by small teeth impressions 19h00
38 06-Aug-2009 USA Hawaii Kawaa Beach in KAU, Big Island Surfing Dylan Crawford M   No Injury - Knocked off board by shark
39 01-Aug-2009 USA Louisiana Curlew Island, Breton Sound Fishing - Wading Chris Haynes M 56 Right ankle & foot bitten 10h00
40 31-Jul-2009 Bahamas Abaco Islands Spanish Cay Spearfishing Derek Mitchell M 14 Severe injury to calf
41 29-Jul-2009 VIETNAM Binh Dinh Province Quy Nhon Swimming Hoang Thi Thuy Hong F 41 Foot Bitten 17h30
42 29-Jul-2009 Australia New South Wales Broken Head, just south of Byron Bay Surfing Zac Skyring M 14 Left forearm grazed & puncture marks in wetsuit 06h00
43 24-Jul-2009 USA Texas Edinburg, Hidalgo County Wading Deidre Casas F 14 Lacerations to anterior left lower leg. She needed 15 stitches to close the wound. Afternoon
44 24-Jul-2009 SPAIN Catalunya Sant Salvador Swimming Female F 11 Laceration to left foot - 2 reports 1 says blueshark other says bluefish 10h15
45 22-Jul-2009 USA North Carolina 400 block of Ocean Boulevard West, Holden Beach , Brunswick County Wading Julia Anne Mittleberg F 26 Bite to left foot 15h00
46 22-Jul-2009 USA Florida Boca Ciega Bay , Pinellas County Swimming Jenna James F 19 bitten on the right leg from above the knee down to the calf 15h00
47 19-Jul-2009 Vietnam Central coastal province of Binh Dinh Quy Nhon Town Bathing - swimming 5 people bitten     Six unidenified people have been bitten from july 19 2009 to 12 -31 - 2009
48 18-Jul-2009 Vietnam Central coastal province of Binh Dinh Quy Nhon Town Bathing Nguyen Quang Vinh M   bit his left arm two times, leaving a severe bite 06h45
49 11-Jul-2009 USA California San Onofre Paddle-surfing Brian Hovnanian M   No injury, shark collided with surfer & board 08h30
50 11-Jul-2009 Bahamas Bahamas. Bahamas. Spearfishing John Cooper M   bit on John Cooper's leg leaving a huge gash
51 07-Jul-2009 South Africa Western Cape Province Jogensfontein, Stilbaai Surfing Paul Buckley M   Leg Bitten 11h15
52 05-Jul-2009 USA Florida Daytona Beach, Volusia County Boogie Boarding Girl F 12 Right ankle bitten 16h00
53 04-Jul-2009 USA Florida Biscayne National Park, Miami Swimming Carmen Domingues F 43 Bite to Leg 15h45
54 27-Jun-2009 Australia New South Wales Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa Surfing Les Wade M 52 lower leg wound needed 50 stitches 08h45
55 22-Jun-2009 USA California Shell Beach , Silver Shoals Drive Surfing Unknown M 26 "numerous puncture wounds"
56 16-Jun-2009 USA Florida Melbourne Beach, Brevard County Crawling Kevin Crowley M 14 2-inch laceration to upper left arm 17h30
57 14-Jun-2009 VIETNAM VIETNAM VIETNAM Fishing for sharks Tran Van Quy M   Hand bitten by hooked shark
58 03-Jun-2009 Egypt South of Marsa Alam, Red Sea St John Scuba Diving Nil, a dive guide M   Cuts to hand
59 02-Jun-2009 EGYPT St. Johns Reef Habili Gafar Scuba diving Luc ? M   3 cm laceration to shoulder
60 01-Jun-2009 EGYPT St. Johns Reef Habili Gafar Snorkeling Katrina Tipio F 50 Fatal - bitten on the leg when she surfaced, and the shark was still biting her as she was pulled onto the boat. Morning
61 31-May-2009 TAIWAN Off Green Island Onboard the fishing vessel Chin Sheng Fa 13 Fishing Zhang Sanqian M 46 Lacerations to knee & left lower leg 20h30
62 25-May-2009 USA Florida Clearwater Beach, Pinellas County Swimming Dana Joseph M   Right foot bitten 20h30
63 17-May-2009 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing Nolan Provido M   Bitten injury not known at this time 09h30
64 16-May-2009 USA Florida NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Volusia County Surfing Dr. Brian Heath M   Bitten on Foot 09h25
65 16-May-2009 USA Florida New Smyrna Beach, Volusia County Surfing David Bryant M 55 Bite to his Right hand 09h20
66 12-May-2009 USA Guam Noth side of Guam Spearfishing Shark Jonathan Leon Guerrero M 27 Bite to Arm
67 09-May-2009 Australia Western Australia Noth of Port Kennedy Boating Boat Harrassed     No Injury - Boat Harrassed
68 09-May-2009 Australia Western Australia North of Port Kennedy Boating Boat 1 Harrassed     No Injury - Boat Harassed
69 06-May-2009 Bahamas Exuma Island Exuma Island Spearfishing Luis Hernandez M 48 Severe Injury to Right arm and left finger
70 28-Apr-2009 USA Florida St. Augustine Wading Alicia Korn? F   Bit to foot 17h00
71 20-Apr-2009 USA Florida New Symara Beach, volusia county, Minorca Condominium, 2600 block of North Peninsula Drive Surfing Male M 20 Two or three puncture wounds Afternoon
72 20-Apr-2009 Philippines Batangas province Mabini beach - Barangay San Jose Swimming Gerald Perez M 23 Lost a lot of blood - other details unknown at this time
73 19-Apr-2009 USA Florida Carlin Park, Jupiter, Palm Beach County Surfing Bruce Klinker M 51 Severe bite to foot - 15h45
74 17-Apr-2009 USA Florida FPL Nuclear Power Plant, St. Lucie County Surfing Alexander Wagner M 20 Bite to forearm 13h15
75 12-Apr-2009 Australia New South Wales Fingal Bay Raci Ski Heath Milne M 40 No Injury
76 11-Apr-2009 USA Hawaii Kailua-Kona Spearfishing Paolo Dominici M 49 Fatal - Shark Involvment not confirmed - but probable 09h30
77 06-Apr-2009 USA California South La Jolla Spearfishing Raymundo Ayus Jr. M 32 No Injury 06h56
78 03-Apr-2009 USA Florida Sanibel Island, Lee County - Dosinia Condominiums at 3339 West Gulf Drive Wading Jack May M 15 Three inch long cut to Ankle required 28 stitches 16h40
79 27-Mar-2009 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Sunday's River Mouth Fishing Tony Dell M 59 Bite to calf
80 21-Mar-2009 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Second Beach, Port St. John's Surfing Luyolo Mangele M 16 Fatal - after being bitten on the leg by a shark. Afternoon
81 20-Mar-2009 Australia Western Australia Halls Head beach Surfing Calvin Galbraith M 17 Bite to food and punctures to both legs 18h45
82 19-Mar-2009 Australia New South Wales Bateman's Bay - South Broulee Surfing Bernadette Davis F   No Injury - board bitten 07h45
83 18-Mar-2009 USA Florida New Symara beach, Ponce Inlet, Volusia County Surfing Female F 17 Minor bite to ankle 17h30
84 17-Mar-2009 USA Hawaii Alenuihaha Channel Swimming Mike Spaulding M 20 Minor injury, bite to calf and bite to chest 11h30
85 17-Mar-2009 Malaysia Pulau Payar Pulau Payar Standing in water while feeding baitfish Female F   Minor bite to hand
86 14-Mar-2009 Australia Western Australia The Natural Jetty, Rottnest Island Wading Male M 21 Thigh bitten when he bumped the shark
87 06-Mar-2009 NEW CALEDONIA Bourail about one kilometer south of Green Island, on a reef of the password Surfing Kevin Hannecart M 19 Fatal - arm was ripped off and his leg bitten when he was attacked 11h30
88 02-Mar-2009 South Africa Western Cape Province Off Cape Point Fishing Gabriel Fernandez M 40 Bitten on the arm and severl fingers by hooked shark 13h30
89 01-Mar-2009 New Zealand North Island Plymouth - Port Taranaki Boating Boyd Rutherford     No Injury - Shark Bite boat motor and back of boat
90 01-Mar-2009 Australia New South Wales Sydney , Avalon Beach Surfing Andrew Lindop M 15 Extensive bite wounds and lacerations to his thigh 06h45
91 22-Feb-2009 Australia Queensland Cairns - Batt Reef Fishing Male M   Bite to finger may need to be amputated 10h15
92 18-Feb-2009 Australia New South Wales Shelly Beach near Port Macquarie Surfing Glen Lockery M   No Injury 17h00
93 12-Feb-2009 Australia New South Wales Bondi Beach, Sydney Surfing Glen Orgias M 33 Severly injured hand and thigh - Part of Hand Amputated 18h30
94 11-Feb-2009 Australia New South Wales iconic Harrys Cafe de Wheels Woolloomooloo in Sydney Harbour Diving Paul Degelder M 31 Right hand amputated severe bite to right thigh - amputated 07h00
95 09-Feb-2009 USA Puerto Rico city of Quebradillas Sea Disaster - Plane Crash Male M   Fatal - Body was found scavenged by sharks
96 07-Feb-2009 Australia New South Wales Cellito Beach Surfing Durwin Keg M 41 No injury, surfboard dented thrown in air - see News Archive for Detailed account in Durwin's words
97 06-Feb-2009 Australia New South Wales Minnie Water and Sandon Beach Surfing Jode Skennar M   No Injury 07h30
98 27-Jan-2009 Portugal Azores Islands Azores Islands Fishing Male M 49 Bite to left forearm
99 25-Jan-2009 Cuba Guantanamo Bay Hospital Cay Spearfishing John Emory M   Lost half his calf muscle
100 25-Jan-2009 Brazil Maranhão Olho d'Água Beach Swimming Luciano Guimarães dos Santos M 17 Fatal - Drowned then scavenged 15h00
101 24-Jan-2009 South Africa Eastern Cape Province Second Beach, Port St. John's Swimming Sikhanyiso Bangilizwe M 25 Fatal - shark had bitten off Bangilizwe's right arm, shoulder, part of his back and buttock - was bitten in half 14h00
102 24-Jan-2009 New Zealand Auckland Auckland, Alderman Islands Boating Boat     No Injury motor ripped off
103 24-Jan-2009 Australia New South Wales Surf Beach, near Batemans Bay Swimming Jeremy McDonagh M   Bitten on the hand 16h30
104 23-Jan-2009 Australia Victoria 13th Beach - Melborne West Surfing Dr. Pat Lockie M   bite wounds to right hand 07h30
105 18-Jan-2009 Australia Victoria Off Tower Hill Fishing In Boat: Scott & John Fulton     No Injury - Boat motor bitten
106 16-Jan-2009 NEW ZEALAND South Island Karitane Beach Surfing Tane Tokona M   No injury,shark bumped board with nose
107 12-Jan-2009 Australia New South Wales mouth of Lake Illawarra in Windang Snorkeling Steven Fogarty M 25 40 to 50 puncture wounds in his calf 10h45
108 11-Jan-2009 Australia Tasmania Binalong Bay on the East Coast, Baileys Rocks Surfing Hannah Mighall F 13 three big gashes just below her knee. 15h45
109 11-Jan-2009 Australia New South Wales Fingal Head, near Tweed Heads, Surfing Jonathon Beard M 31 He has a 40-centimetre wound between the knee and his left hip 08h30
110 10-Jan-2009 Ecuador Galapagos Islands Isla Isabela Surfing Gonzalo Vásquez Alcívar M 22 Half foot bitten off, calf large chunk missing to the bone, hand injured
111 10-Jan-2009 New Zealand Hawkes Bay coast Hawkes Bay coast Boating Bry Mossman     No Injury - Boat motor bit, shark circled boat 30 minutes
112 07-Jan-2009 New Zealand Haumoana Tukituki River mouth Swimming Greg Sims M 49 taken a chunk of flesh away 15h30