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Query Pages


These pages allow you to search the database for specific information.

Pages may have one or more search fields available which enables you to do specific search queries.

Note: Null values are ignored - this means if you are searching a page with (let's say) "Species" being a search field displayed only the records where the species is known will be displayed.

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Query Pages with Links to our News Archive


For the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 we have query pages created enabling you to search the Country, State/Area, Location, Activity, and the Injury of shark attack related incidents with links to our News Archive enabling you to read about each incident of interest returned from your queries.

To show how only a portion of the incidents are used by other sources as mentioned on the front page. The years 2006, 2007, and 2008 you can compare the differences between what is being reported and the “shark attack” numbers produced by other sources. A good place to start would be the year 2008 and enter "Fatal" in the Injury Field, then check the ISAF 2008 Shark Attack Summary.

For some reason they stopped providing an attack summary in 2009.

2006 Query Page Compare with ISAF 2006 Attack Summary    
2007 Query Page Compare with ISAF 2007 Attack Summary    
2008 Query Page Compare with ISAF 2008 Attack Summary    
2009 Query Page No more ISAF Attack Summaries    
2010 Query Page Compare with ISAF 2010 Attack Summary    
2011 Query Page 2011 Attack Summary not released until 03/2012 a year late!    
2012 Query Page Will Not be released until 03/2013    
Query all database entries with Links to our News Archive


Location Totals


Location Total pages quickly display how many incidents have occurred at either a location and/or year.

The totals displayed on these pages are calculated by the Total number of incidents, number of injuries, number of people harassed, number of people who either died and/or were scavenged by sharks, Some places or years may have additional columns displaying boating accidents mostly, where several people may have involved in the same incident.        

USA Location Totals - Year and Decade   2008 Worldwide Shark Attack Location Totals  
Australia Location Totals   2009 Worldwide Shark Attack Location Totals  
South Africa Location Totals   ***Monitor 2010 Location Totals***  


Additional Statistic Pages


General Statistic pages - These may include "Time of Day", "Average Age", "Injuries", or answer questions like are you more likely to be bitten on the left side of your body or right side, are surfers more likely bitten on the hands or feet?

Remember each time a new incident is added these figures will change.     

Worldwide Time of Day Most Incidents occur.